Xintiandi brand is synonymous with high quality, social and cultural destinations. Xintiandi community represents large-scale premium urban communities located in key city centres across China. It blends historical heritage with modern facilities. These unique social and cultural destinations offer holistic “live-work-play-learn” lifestyle catering to our premium clientele.

Unlike the traditional commercial real estate brands, XINTIANDI is a new culture and social destination. Since 2001, the birth of Shanghai Xintiandi, the flagship project of XINTIANDI has started the path of urban renewal, culture inheritance and creation of sustainable communities. In the past two decades, it has witnessed and led the changing of China’s commercial development as well as shaping of the city cultural memories. Through extraordinary creative pioneer cultural content, it empowers diverse social experience and builds a community with resonance and sense of belonging. XINTIANDI continues to actively promote the new force of young Chinese creators, implements the concepts of “created in China”, and builds a culturally urban community with creators from diverse field.