Our flagship project Shanghai Xintiandi is located at the heart of the Shanghai Taipingqiao Community, and is anchored by a historic restoration zone featuring Shikumen architecture that dates back to the 1860s. Shikumen is a unique Shanghainese architectural style that blends Chinese courtyard houses with Western terraced housing, with signature vaulted stone door frames that have Chinese style carvings and wooden doors. Since its opening in 2001, Shanghai Xintiandi has featured upscale restaurants, retail shops and boutiques in rehabilitated Shikumen architecture, while integrating contemporary contents including Grade A offices, galleries and entertainment facilities into the area.
This approach of preserving cultural heritage has successfully established Shanghai Xintiandi as an iconic landmark that offers a combined experience of old Shanghai culture and modern lifestyles, and has made the community a premier lifestyle destination for citizens and visitors in Shanghai. With the growing prominence of the lifestyle-focused clientele, Shanghai Xintiandi continues to attract consumers and new tenants from across the world. Through our “First in Shanghai, First in China” flagship leasing strategy, we ensure that the community continues to provide widened choices of international and local experiences to our visitors.
Given its heritage-rich backdrop, Shanghai Xintiandi is also a popular venue to showcase international festivals and local events, such as Shanghai Fashion Week, XINTIANDI Performing Art Festival, Lumières Shanghai Lighting Festival, Tiandi World Music Festival, Tiandi Restaurants Week, Xintiandi Design Festival and the Shanghai New Year’s Eve Countdown.
We completed an AEI on a portion of Shanghai Xintiandi, previously known as “Xintiandi South Lane”, and soft opened the premise on 16 November 2020. This new premise focuses on international trendy and lifestyle-focused young premium clientele. We have been successfully operating “Foodie Social”, an innovative incubation and display area for new catering brands and products that promote healthy and sustainable living, which we envisioned as a new commercial product module and social-focused platform for the young fashionable consumers.