Xintiandi brand is synonymous with high quality social and cultural destinations. Xintiandi community represents large-scale premium urban communities located in key city centres across China. It blends historical heritage with modern facilities. These unique social and cultural destinations offer holistic “live-work-play-learn” lifestyle catering to our premium clientele.

Unlike the traditional commercial real estate brands, XINTIANDI is a new culture and social destination. Since 2001, the birth of Shanghai Xintiandi, the flagship project of XINTIANDI has started the path of urban renewal, culture inheritance and creation of sustainable communities. In the past two decades, it has witnessed and led the changing of China’s commercial development as well as shaping of the city cultural memories. Through extraordinary creative pioneer cultural content, it empowers diverse social experience and builds a community with resonance and sense of belonging. XINTIANDI continues to actively promote the new force of young Chinese creators, implements the concepts of “created in China”, and builds a culturally urban community with creators from diverse field.
SHUI ON WORKX is the office business management brand of Shui On Xintiandi. It has over 25 years of distinctive experience on developing and operating the portfolio of office assets, managing around 2 million square meters of urban core office projects, as well as offering services for more than 1,100 domestic and foreign enterprises.
As the value-creating holistic work solution provider, Shui On WORKX builds a three-in-one integrated dimensions including SPACE+ (Diversified Space), SERVICE+ (All-around Service) and VALUE+ .
Shui On Land
Shui On Land is the Shui On Group’s flagship property development company in the Mainland China and listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (Stock Code: 272). Headquartered in Shanghai, Shui On Land is a pioneer of sustainable premium urban communities. As a leading urban solutions provider dedicated to creating sustainable premium urban communities in China, Shui On Land has a proven track record in building large scale, mixed-use, sustainable communities. With a clear vision, an innovative mindset and ample international experience, Shui On Land’s renowned master plan development approach has enabled the Company to unearth and capture fully in its projects local historic and cultural characteristics, in keeping with the goals of local governments in China. Its unique design concepts, as well as exceptional development and operational experience also equip the Company with the uncanny ability to blend seemingly disparate elements harmoniously and seamlessly into “live-work-play-learn” communities. These integrated and holistic communities inject vitality into urban settlements and, in the process, provide sustainable urban regeneration solutions.