Talent development
Talent is Shui On’s most important asset!
Attracting, developing and maintaining employees with noble character and outstanding talents is the key to our success
Looking forward to talents growing side by side with the company!
We expect every employee to be willing to hold an important position, take the initiative and go at full stretch
Give talents a rapid development path!
Through a series of planned arrangements such as discovery, training, development and deployment, we will help each employee who is willing to grow with the company development rapidly
Perfect development system
Rich learning resources
In the aspect of [vertical specialization], we have opened up the whole life cycle of "financing -investment- construction- management- withdrawal", laid out structured learning modules and formed a personalized meal list course package
In the aspect of [horizontal leadership], the training and cultivation of key abilities of leadership at all levels from "individual contributor" to "manager"
New Manager Transitions Program (NMT)
Advanced Leadership Program (ALD)
Leadership to the Peak (LTP)
"O classroom" based on o2o concept to create an overall learning and development atmosphere for enterprises
My study, My decision
Apply the combination of online and offline to all learning projects
Focus on resources and save unnecessary costs
Let learning happen anytime, anywhere
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