Hall of the Sun, with a GFA of 180,000m2, opened in Sep. 2021 and marked the completion of the Ruihong Tiandi mega-commercial complex located in the Hongkou District. Featuring family-friendly art, culture, cuisine and entertainment, Hall of the Sun is committed to enriching the diverse lifestyles of North Shanghai.
Hall of the Moon, with a GFA of 70,000m2, opened in Jun. 2017 and is focused primarily on music and leisure activities. Hall of the Moon introduced various brands popular with the Gen-Z (live houses, talk shows, music bars, street sports, etc.), to energize the night-life atmosphere of North Shanghai and, in turn, powering the engine of Shanghai urban cultural development.
The Ruihong Tiandi Star Hall has a total construction area of 20000 square meters and officially opened in May 2015. In view of the parent-child family structure, Ruihong Tiandi Xingxing Hall takes into account the needs of children and their parents, and reaches the business forms of children's interest cultivation, family catering, life retail, personal care, etc. It is a "parent-child social arena" specially built for beautiful mothers and curious babies.
Servicing the residents of the neighborhood, The Palette, with a GFA of 30,000m2, opened in Oct. 2020 with a large variety of famous, trendy brands and well-known service providers.