Wuhan Xintiandi contains a number of historic buildings together with more than a hundred pre-existing trees, some of which are more than 150 years old. In line with the characteristics of Shanghai Xintiandi which values the preservation of architectural character and sustainability, the historic buildings were restored and integrated into the wider community, with contemporary shops and restaurants arranged around these buildings and trees. Wuhan Xintiandi also offers a pedestrian-friendly street network that has numerous green spaces and plazas arranged along walking corridors, including an outdoor food street that is inspired by Wuhan’s street food culture.
Through a leasing strategy that focuses on incubating up-and-coming and new brands in the region, we have cultivated a portfolio of “first-in-city” retail tenants at Wuhan Xintiandi including leading national and international brands. Benefiting from a balance of preserving local historical architecture and injecting new commercial contents, Wuhan Xintiandi has become a retail and social destination in Wuhan that offers lifestyle experiences to the young premium clientele.