We emphasise employee engagement. We are also committed to creating a diverse and inclusive working environment for all employees, and to promote equal opportunities in all aspects of employment.
2030 Targets
Further strengthen the training and career development opportunities for all employees
Provide a safe, healthy, and inclusive office environment by achieving gender diversity and equal renumeration
Encourage all employees to be socially responsible
Signature Initiatives
We intend to further strengthen our training and development initiatives, including offering talent development programmes for employees and setting leadership development or mentorship programmes for key managers and high-potential employees.
In addition, we have focused and will continue to focus on ensuring our employees’ health and safety, as well as improving employee wellbeing.
We will continue to focus on embracing diversity and will not tolerate any discrimination or harassment related to race, religion, gender or disability. We also recognise the importance of gender diversity, and our gender diversity approach begins with our Board.