We aim to become a leader in the urban planning and real estate sector on urban regeneration through preservation and adaptive reuse of historic buildings and districts. We aim to become a creative hub that connects ideas from diverse populations and supports the future creative class. We are also committed to enhancing the diversity of thought, ideas and practices at our communities.
2030 Targets
Be a pioneer in the preservation and adaptive reuse of historical buildings and its urban fabric
Enhance the vibrancy of our properties and their broader communities through the programming of cultural content and the management of city streetscapes
Promote and celebrate local creative talent
Signature Initiatives
As demonstrated through our management of the heritage-infused, pedestrianfriendly Shanghai Xintiandi project, our projects have been committed to the preservation and revitalisation of cultural and historical landmarks, such as the Shikumen buildings that form part of Shanghai Xintiandi.
To support local artists and designers, we also offer physical spaces within our properties and online opportunities as well as hiring local creators for projects and organising events to showcase their work. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Shanghai Xintiandi this year, we have also launched the CREATORS 100 programme to showcase Chinese creative talent.
Our properties’ history and cultural heritage offer a distinctive backdrop for global cultural exchange in China, and we have fostered partnerships with local and international cultural organisations for such exchange opportunities. For example, Shanghai Xintiandi has been hosting the Shanghai Fashion Week since 2011, promoting the exchange of ideas and styles among the local and international fashion community.