SHUI ON PLAZA entered the market in 1997. It is a Grade-A office building developed and constructed by SHUI ON LAND. It has successively won the "Bai Yu Lan" and "Lu Ban" Awards, the highest acclaims for building construction in Shanghai and the Mainland China. Following Shanghai's urban character of "inclusiveness, pursuit of excellence, enlightened wisdom, and modesty", SHUI ON PLAZA practices the Group's sustainable development concept and adhers to the "value office" concept of SHUI ON WORKX brand. In order to empower companies and people to realize the common value, it provides people-oriented scientific work solutions anytime and anywhere, and creates an ideal office space.
As the first batch of Grade A office buildings to enter the market in Shanghai, Shui On Plaza leads the standard of contemporary high-quality office buildings by virtue of its time-honored high-standard architectural design and forward-looking interior layout with high utilization rate. In 2018, the building completed the renovation of the lobby and public area. It introduced an intelligent gate system with general AI face recognition and QR code access, and 24-hour security electronic monitoring to ensure a safe and orderly office environment.